Looking to add some fellow adult 3DS gamers

#11AncientRomeBC(Topic Creator)Posted 7/23/2013 4:24:01 PM
added everyone so far please add back
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#12KimppisPosted 7/23/2013 4:32:04 PM
0404 - 6309 - 7218

My wi-fi works like **** for some reason (no idea why), so until I get it to work, I'm probably offline most of the time, it seems to be random tho.
#13foxizardPosted 7/23/2013 5:05:18 PM
I'll add everyone here on both my 3DS's:

4296-2944-2414 (Japanese 3DS)
2895-7285-0999 (European 3DS)
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#14Kojima_FanPosted 7/23/2013 6:58:54 PM
here's mine, those who add me let me know so I can add you as well.

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#15hyperdimeduckPosted 7/23/2013 7:18:21 PM
Friend code is in sig.
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#16LeFeverBeaverPosted 7/23/2013 7:31:23 PM

I'm 30; mostly play RPGs and stuff; feel free (anyone) to add me.
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#17ShadyBrad1984Posted 7/23/2013 11:55:35 PM
I believe you were on my friends list, Caesar I think it was. Adding ya, I'm 29 play AC:NL , MK7, RE:R, LM2 and KI:U online. FC in sig :)
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#18GlassBJJPosted 7/24/2013 12:38:35 AM
Glass: 4253-3488-9988
I'm 31. Adding everyone here.
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#19vanbelmontPosted 7/24/2013 3:19:26 AM
25 years old 3ds gamer here,feel free to add me.
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added everyone so far, still waiting for a bunch to confirm....
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