Wow, the new Kid Icarus stage for Smash Bros.

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Carbuncle009 posted...
How do we know it's the 3DS version? I can't see the black outlines that Sakurai puts on the characters there.

On the Smash site, it clearly shows the 3DS tag.
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That looks amazing if it actually is a 3DS stage. The 3D will be crazy on some of these.
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nonexistinghero posted...
sentoworf posted...

Is there a bigger version of the picture?
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Wow...So they chose the opening area from Ch11, huh? That's certainly interesting.
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Xashowd posted...
Wow...So they chose the opening area from Ch11, huh? That's certainly interesting.

If anything, it means Nintendo stopped bothering to say there's only 9 Chapters in the game.
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I liked the sky theme of the Brawl stage, but this does look cool all the same
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Viridi sends down her Seed Bomb
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mattfrank posted...
Viridi sends down her Seed Bomb

One of the best moments of the game
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It looks great! I love KI: Uprising and it's excellent stages like that in that SSB stage!
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