#1BrasenPosted 7/27/2013 5:58:19 PM
So got my $30 FE/SMT promo today. So far I've bought oracle of ages & seasons, castlevania, & shining force: sword of hayja with it. I have the 20 ambassador titles and in the past purchased link's awakening & megaman 2. Also got these 3d classics through cn coins or promotions: kid Icarus, urban champion, excitebike, & twinbee.

So I've got 13.09 left on my balance and curious if there is anything must have for me that im missing out on while I still have little to spend. Love rpgs, adventures, & strategies, like platformers and racers, don't care for much of anything else. Also prefer 32bit then 16bit then 8bit in that order. Interested in the game gear library cause I never owned one so if there is any gems there let me know.

Also should I tackle ages or seasons first? Or does it matter?
#2mattnd2007Posted 7/27/2013 6:01:02 PM
i haven't tried, but heard very good things about shantae. especially the gbc game. personally i'm forcing myself to save it for zelda. paying only 10 bucks for it will be awesome.
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#3Brasen(Topic Creator)Posted 7/27/2013 6:40:09 PM
Shantae eh, looks like a 2d zelda/rayman platformer. I might have to get it!

I DS/3DS games physically so that's why im not saving myself :p
#4YomerodesPosted 7/27/2013 7:32:26 PM
I would recommend Tetris Axis, 10 bucks. It released physically some years ago, it good old Tetris, with a huge assortment of game options and modes, some good, some average, some pretty bad. As the requisite Tetris of every portable, it is IMO, a must have. Plus, it is the cheapest retail available game on the american eshop.
#5lilpuddy31Posted 7/27/2013 7:35:42 PM
It doesn't matter which Oracle game you tackle first. They really are interchangeable. But if you go by the official timeline, Seasons then Ages. I always played Ages then Season myself...
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