People who say the 3DS is more powerful than the Ps2.

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Doesn't MGS 2 or 3 have a version on 3ds with better graphics?
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Yes to the topic's question. 3DS is indeed more powerful than PS2 and can easily handle good ports of games from that console. If ported properly that is. There's always the chance that a port may turn out badly regardless of how powerful your hardware is though. Even the Vita has gotten ports of PS2 and Wii games that have run worse than the originals, despite being immensely more powerful than either of those systems.

retrogamer28 posted...
Doesn't MGS 2 or 3 have a version on 3ds with better graphics?

MGS3 does have a 3DS version, but it certainly doesn't have better graphics. Actually worse graphics for the most part in fact. It runs at a considerably lower framerate than the PS2 version, characters have fewer polygons, some of the textures were downgraded, and the draw distance on foliage such as grass is incredibly poor.

The only visual upgrades are some minor lighting improvements in a couple of places. Everything else looks much worse. Not for good reason mind you, 3DS is indeed more powerful than PS2 by a good deal. This was just a bad port overall, similar to Ubisoft's 3DS ports.
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Why do you think they removed the PS2 emulation from PS3s?

Because it made the PS3 more expensive? I don't see why porting games would be the reason PS2 support was removed from the PS3. Makes no sense.

Again, it was more expensive, because they could not just automatically play the game on PS3 because the PS2 game was console specific code, so they PS3 needed an actual PS2 Emulator system in the PS3 to make it run on the PS3, but was removed later on to cut costs.

I don't see what is so hard to understand. Just because he didn't show all the work doesn't mean the answer doesn't make sense.
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This isn't really a philosophy question, it's an objective yes or no question to which the answer is yes.

Not that this is surprising or somehow Nintendo fanboyish or something. I would assume (though I haven't checked) that the Vita is more powerful than the PS2 as well. The PS2 is approximately ten billion years old and it was weaker from a "power" perspective than the Gamecube. It really didn't take many advancements in the technology the DS and PSP possessed to surpass the PS2--the PS2 made up for its very low power with an expansive and excellent library of games. No shame there.

Weird topic imo