your reaction, imageepoch announces a super sonico gf sim

#1tamamo422Posted 8/2/2013 9:49:37 AM
main competition is new love plus, now picture this, they do a breast ad campaign in japan centered on sonico's boobs, and it helps sell it tremendously. now, it gets censored similar to senran kagura shinovi versus, scept her nipples are covered with keep out tape, like on some of her ecchi fan art. there is the standard censor flashes. it gets released stateside, everyone buys it. now, they hire cosplayers of super sonico to sell it here. they give you a love letter like loveplus, scept it has a lipstick mark on the envelope made by one of the sosplayers. it supports streetpass and spotpass, and online mode.

like animal crossing, you can exchange letters with her and emails. and, for her to kiss your guy, you ve to coax her to you, then whip out your stylus and go for her lips when she gets close and puckers up. she can do the same thing to you, though she is more open with her kisses, cause you might not see her in her house, then you see a rustling bush. touch the bush, and she pulls you in and starts kissing your guy like crazy (like a certain hillbilly chick off a scooby doo movie)
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#2Azure_AbsolPosted 8/2/2013 11:51:33 AM
A Sonico game getting western love is never a bad thing.
I'd be for it
Absol and Rikka!