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3 years ago#51
I'll make another update soon, but first I've discovered something you must all be informed of. The other day I decided to bring my pokewalker and 3ds to work. They were both at 0 steps when I left, but when I got home from work my 3ds was at 14,248, while my pokewalker was at 19,216. What's the deal with the great difference? Can anyone else who has a 3ds and pokewalker run a similar experiment and post your results? This is pretty upsetting. There've definitely been days I've I should've had more steps, but this just makes me feel like my 3ds has been ripping me off.
3 years ago#52
Based on this link:

I'd trust your pokewalker more.
But don't worry, the 3DS is not ripping you off.
It just cares for you and is making you exercise a little extra!
3 years ago#53
Hey TC, I just started following your topic. CONGRATS! This is really amazing! I had a heart attack reading that you may have broken your toe! I hope you're okay.
I loved the hell out of my Pokewalker. I'm a small business owner. I own, teach at, and manage a ballroom dance studio. The Pokewalker was amazing, because it was well hidden and less cumbersome than my 3DS. I truly hope X/Y utilizes the step feature with the 3DS, as someone else posted. Though then I'll have to figure out a way to have my 3DS on my person while I teach or dance.... A definite problem. Lol.
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3 years ago#54
My toe is ok. It's just bruised, and the nail will eventually fall off.
3 years ago#55
Toe injuries are the worst, I had a cupboard fall on my big toe. A couple days later the pain was unbelievable so I went to the doctor because my toe was purple and about double the size of my normal toe.

Turns out it was fractured and a blood vessel had been broken causing the toe to swell with blood. The only solution was to drill 2 holes in the nail, as soon as the first hole was drilled blood sprayed all over the doctor even reaching 3 or 4 feet to the wall. It was nuts lol. Ended up losing that nail was so awkward not having a nail for awhile. Make sure what happened to me doesn't happen to you !
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3 years ago#56
Feeling like I've been cheated out of steps has discouraged me from wanting to carry out this goal. :/
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