What is the reason behind this?

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3 years ago#21
keyblader1985 posted...
Houle posted...
From: n00bsaib0t | #013
They did this on PSN and people were still stupid enough to expect the game to be in English and people still complained.

Have big red capital letters saying it, make them go through it three times.

Don't underestimate human stupidity. It's the one universal constant.

God dammit this. It is sad really. Or people are just trolling, or both.
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3 years ago#22
Obviously, some games simply wouldn't sell enough out of Japan to justify that. But I agree that they should localize more games, and release the least likely to succeed in digital only format to avoid wasting money. But Nintendo doesn't focus more on the digital only section of their market because retail games are their big business. They should also localize older games, like Mother 3 and the SNES Fire Emblem games.
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