Did the 3DS kill the 3DT V hype back in 2010/2011?

#11JKatarnPosted 8/19/2013 9:39:42 PM
Frost_LASER posted...
I think a lot of people were hesitant to watch/try it from their previous experiences back in the day 10-20 years ago. My boss accidentally ordered Star Trek into darkness 3D tickets instead of the regular show and ended up being blown away by the 3D effect after swearing it off before trying it because it made him sick once ten years ago.

I also think of my cousin and her kids. Their father bought them a 3DS XL and he played it once and got a headache from it and returned it, the kids said it made their eyes hurt too. They now play crap iPad games.

People just aren't willing to give it a chance and get used to it.

Or they could have simply turned the 3D effect off...if a game is going to be made or broken by the 3D effect, chances are it's not very good.
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