Think Mario Kart 8 will be A Better Than Mario Kart 7

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From: MrSpacelySlate | #020
I still reguarly see people with DSes or 3DSes playing MKDS. I don't see the same amount with MK7.

Is that so? Learn something new everyday then. Where are you located since you see this a lot?
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HellsDrunkard posted...
So you think the first HD Mario Kart that is toying with gravity and will be the first to support DLC tracks is going to be better than the 3DS game which was rushed through development to get it on shelves, features no DLC, and has spotty online connection problems?

What ever gave you that idea?

I can't find anything about MK8 even having DLC. Where did you find this?
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As long as they fix the red shell (flying after you). You should be able to outmanouvere the red shell. It would also be great if it wasn't completely luck based like MK7.
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I still like the GBA one the best so far. Am I the only one who feels this way? (Mario Kart DS was really good too)
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Normally I hate DLC, but for this game they should add really awesome DLC for past stages, so that you can have every stage from every mario kart game ever, as well as characters, items, etc. That would officially make it the best mario kart. I would love to see an HD remade, or even just the original, version of GBA Mario Kart's Rainbow Road(the best one with the most epic song) on the wii u. That would be amazing! Mario Kart games should have more stages, seeing as they are racing games. They should at least double the new stages in this game.
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1212-1 posted...
I still like the GBA one the best so far. Am I the only one who feels this way? (Mario Kart DS was really good too)

Other than the terrible handling the game is great otherwise. ALOT of my favorite MK courses are in this game! haha.
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Of course it will be better than MK7, a HELL of a lot better. And with the inclusion of DLC it could even be better than MKWii.
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