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3DS Slider Options (Poll)
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I wish I was able to change the language to Japanese (Archived)
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PresidentDoge1410/15 5:49PM
We all know the New 3DS is faster... But how does the hinge and top screen feel? (Archived)OhHeyltsYou410/15 5:25PM
REALLY need help with wifi connection. (Archived)Bushido20110/15 5:23PM
Best SD Card brands for 3DS? (Archived)
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NR0012110/15 4:50PM
ITT: We estimate the US price of the New 3DS (Archived)powerclaw1810/15 4:21PM
WHAT TO GET WlTH 17.75 ?? in an area with 13% tax also tax evasion isnt worth it (Archived)
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Splatulated2810/15 4:08PM
What do you think is the perfect length for RPGs? (Archived)
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C Stick usuable with CPP games ? (Archived)LethalX08310/15 3:11PM
Any decent recent/upcoming RPGs? (Archived)
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fatelord1210/15 3:07PM
So is the N3DS (+XL) the final 3DS revision? Or is Next-gen next? (Archived)
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Spade21X1610/15 2:55PM
Did the new update break the Streetpass Relays? (Archived)
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baroness_praxis3710/15 2:51PM
How would the Nintendo 1DS would play like? (Archived)
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Can I leave the 3DS recharging the battery while I sleep at night? (Archived)KurowKefka310/15 2:24PM
Seems odd to have a "new" 3DS (Archived)jjgator410/15 2:13PM
Any recommendation on a drawing application on 3DS? (Archived)KillZoneAI1010/15 1:52PM
Has anyone tried the N3DS micro sd card size limit yet? (Archived)fangirl_squee410/15 1:44PM
does anyone know of any giveaways? (Archived)AnthonyBrock2510/15 1:28PM
Touch screen flickering when using D-pad? Help? (Archived)Pikachugoomy210/15 1:05PM
I hate you Nintendo. Hate hate hate. HATRED! (Archived)
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BossBang1710/15 12:38PM