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Theathrythm + Smash Bros = 3DS destroyer? (Archived)
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3DS or Wii U? (Archived)
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I find it funny that Shulk looks better in Smash then in the Xenoblade 3DS port. (Archived)
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furygods1110/13 4:45AM
Still confused about the "New 3DS" (Archived)o___Okami1010/13 4:39AM
is yoshi's new island rare? (Archived)
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Which Donkey Kong Country is best on the GBA? (Archived)
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Huh...I didn't know that you could pocket the Energy blasts from the Yellow Devl (Archived)Zakuroo210/13 2:22AM
Can I check the store on my PC? (Archived)
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ArroganceMalice1210/13 2:19AM
Issues registering game codes on Club Nintendo (Archived)Milennin810/13 2:12AM
Why is there no Yugioh, Digimon or DBZ games out for the 3DS? (Archived)
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Is Cooking Mama worth getting into? (Archived)DevilTears604610/13 12:44AM
Anyone else not able to connect to the server? (Archived)
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Heartlz5551410/13 12:35AM
regular 3ds or 3ds xl for pokemon? (Archived)pcmike2910/13 12:34AM
One thing I love about Nintendo (Archived)DuranMan1810/12 11:16PM
Is a new Metroid game on the 3DS a possibility? Or vain hope? (Archived)
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Imw 26 and am embarrassed to ride the bus to school. (Archived)
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jigglyweigel2210/12 11:06PM
Would you buy a Wii U if you could remote play games via 3DS? (Archived)green_sushi710/12 11:06PM
Alpha Saphire and Smash WiiU on the same day!? (Archived)SRageTU310/12 10:48PM