No Club Nintendo points for Fire Emblem when purchased in blue FE bundle??

#1190sRetroGamingPosted 8/27/2013 6:02:51 PM
IrateGameFAQer posted...
Preinstalled 3DLand netted coins?

My fault didn't know that.

Nah, That was from the code i recieved from CN for participating in the CN XL/LMDM/PMD promotion earlier this year. since the download was in the form of a download code that's why i got free coins with my download (50).

Pre-installed games don't give you coins (i know that now) but i figured at the time that i would get them since i had to re-download, technically just download the game for the first time on my new XL.

MK7 was already pre-installed on the XL in the first place but since both eShop accounts merged into one during the transfer i figured it would still give me coins since i never downloaded MK7 previously on my original 3DS.

This whole things all confusing i know... lol.
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