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3 years ago#11
Love Bit.Trip and that's a steal, but the Wii has extras and there are too many flaws with the 3DS version.
Mario Kart Wii FC: smurphyzeke 0517-0905-4905
3 years ago#12
I am disappoint
3 years ago#13
Why is Nintendo slowly droping games on various systems?

Europe already had WL3 and already has Recca.
WiiU is getting the original Zelda only now?
I can't even imagine them making the unified account system work if they can't sync (in an availability way) their releases across their systems. Nintendo's business decisions are getting similar to Square Enix's. They have a potential DD market and keep ignoring it.
I wanted a few GBC titles and would like having them start releasing GBA games already. This has been up for 2 years now. How hard is it to upgrade your service? Godamnit Nintendo!
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