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on a scale of 1/10, how awesome is my custom 3DS design? (Poll)
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Ao_Ryuu5411211/25 3:53PM
New 3dsxl speakers
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wintrepunk1111/25 3:15PM
Would you guys buy a handheld dedicated to Virtual Console?
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Reverted_Pikkon3411/25 1:50PM
Elementary POPS Orchestra plays Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon music in concert!Megamushroom666111/25 1:50PM
Do you think Cing will get back to making games??outworld222411/25 1:32PM
Do you think N3DS will exclusively allow GBA, SNES, and N64 games?
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super hotshot bowser3011/25 12:34PM
Cystal (clear) 2DS?
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Dinglesteed1111/25 12:29PM
Anybody catch Dancing with the Invincibility Stars last night?Charftino311/25 11:38AM
so i need to buy another 32gb memory card to transfer all my stuff over?AzureSkeith611/25 11:22AM
Where are the action rpgs?
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strider_1234211/25 11:16AM
Streetpass Hotspot using iphone not working?cdark911/25 11:13AM
Pokemon X or Pokemon Omega Ruby for my little brother?Proudclad711/25 11:10AM
The smaaaaallest Steamworld question you can think ofCVNut13311/25 11:07AM
why there won't be a new 2ds (for a while)
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x_stevey_x2111/25 11:02AM
Pokemon faces plates on new 3dsBw1999311/25 11:02AM
Just picked up my Persona Q 3DS XL... (Closed)Heartlz555511/25 10:54AM
Should I get New Super Mario Bro's 2, Super Mario 3D land, or Rayman Origins?
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Boewh1811/25 10:49AM
Post here if you got your copy of Persona Q Collectors!kyomagi411/25 10:22AM
Anything big coming..?MetalGearOnAcid411/25 10:09AM
Srs problem.
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Blancshammer1811/25 9:12AM