Oh man.. What the hell happened with Pokemon

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tell me what reason nintendo has to not charge for nfwc.

the only reason they don't is because they don't think people will pay.
people paying for pokemon bank will tell them they are willing to pay for online services.

and slipery slope isn't a fallacy ALL bad things start out small.
ted bundy killed a lot of people but it all started out with one person being killed.

people rob banks stole smaller things first.

By your logic we should send all people with traffic tickets to the electric chair right now. Because sooner or later they will inevitable become serial killers who rape and kill children, right?.
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I'm sure it will be 5 pounds in the UK LOL, they will keep that number 5 in all regions...$5, 5, 5 pounds, 5 yen.

5 yen is pretty cheap, I think you meant 500 yen. And it'll probably be 4.

LOL yeah, 5 yen would be a helluva bargain.

Some how I doubt event with 5 yen people will still complain :D. "It's not about money, it's about the principle", "slippery slope"... stuffs like that