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You buying Gunman Clive 2 this Thursday? (Poll)
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Which new 3DS XL colour will you be getting, and why? (Poll)
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MH4U US demo codes?Esupanitix61/26 12:36PM
So I am finally almost done with a link between worlds.
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Homie_202191/26 12:36PM
Rune Factory 4 or Fantasy Life (Poll)
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Does the standard 3DS scratch easily?
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Exo401111/26 12:14PM
Is the Monster Hunter new 3ds xl still available for Gamestop web in store?
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SlickGamer111/26 12:10PM
Will the New 3DS be able to link to Club Nintendo?promo12351/26 12:05PM
Have you ever seen someone using an XL in public? They look ridiculous.
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Compass1011/26 12:04PM
3DS to New 3DS TransferBladescarr21/26 12:00PM
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