Shantae no longer a Nintendo exclusive. Do you feel betrayed?

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Only game that was Nintendo exclusive is the first game. The second one,as previously mentioned,was on iOS.So it's to late now.

Well, the third game on the 3DS is also going to be exclusive, so it flips-flops.

it will be a timed exclusive at best.

How would you know that? Apparently Risky's Revenge had a bad return of investment on iOS. If WayForward didn't want to make it exclusive, they would've probably made it for iOS and 3DS simultaneously. There's also no planned iOS release for Half-Genie Hero.
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most of wayforwards ORIGINAL games get ported.
mighty flip champs got ported to psp(they reworked it)
mighty switch force 1&2 are either on wii u or coming to it.
that's majority of the games they made since contra 4.
only milky way never saw a port
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Anybody who feels betrayed over a game not being exclusive to any one brand anymore, probably requires therapy.

My thoughts exactly.
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Literally the second game in the series came to iOS and soon Steam.

Welcome to 2010, bro. One exclusive game (the original) is hardly anything to get possessive over.
Why can't we just be happy that it's coming to almost EVERYTHING?
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Anybody who feels betrayed over a game not being exclusive to any one brand anymore, probably requires therapy.

Exactly. What do you think we are? The Sony fanbase?
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Games should be for everyone.

Why do people always have to pick sides? It just leads to bickering and fighting.
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IMO it's overrated anyway.

It was only famous in gaming circles for GBA- like graphics on a GBC.

And now hardware has come as far as it has, well... It's graphics aren't the selling point anymore.

Didn't stop the Boy and His Blob remake from being sold on it's graphics. And it doesn't stop Vanilliaware games being wanted for there graphics(although I'll admit that Wayforward aren't as good as Vanilliaware when it comes to HD style sprites. The character art gets a bit too simplified and sports thick outlines in it's HD form. Plus I think they need to use the Sigma Star Saga artist more achieve anything approaching Vanilliaware in the character department, but hey.)
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Why the heck would anyone feel "betrayed" just because a game ends up released on another system? What does any developer owe me and why would they owe it to me on any particular system?

Anyone who feels betrayed by a game coming out on another system needs to grow up and get over their entitlement complex.