Is the 3DS ever getting SNES games?

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How can they when they keep prioritizing NES games over everything else? I would also have to agree on the pirating thing.

The VC is kind of a joke now that I think about it... I still have a ton of old Gameboy games and it's really nice being able to have all of them on the go with a DS Flash cart. I can also transfer it to my Wii and play on there (same with the GC Gameboy Player) but I can't even do it the normal way. I'd actually PAY to use Wii Homebrew because I can transfer SNES/GBA/GB games between my GC/Wii/Wii U and DS/3DS. and the best part is how that since it's a ROM, if my system breaks, I can still keep the downloaded game and just transfer the game and it's save file to a different system.
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I would like to have both eShops at least have the same NES games now. I would prefer to play Recca on the big screen than, say, Earthbound on a smaller screen. At least they should do that.
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I want to play Earthbound, and ordering a SNES and a copy that actually works is a difficult procedure that costs lots of time and money.

They're making it enormously difficult to do something when you and I both know they're fully capable of putting Earthbound on the 3DS and making it a simple and easy process.

Don't know if you already know or not, but Earthbound's available for WiiU VC.

I know, but I have a 3DS and not a Wii U.

They're perfectly capable of putting SNES on the 3DS but they're withholding it from us.

I understand. I was just pointing out that you'd have an easier time getting a WiiU and buying Earthbound from the VC. After all, you're the one that pointed out that it's hard to get a good cartridge for it.
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But yeah, Nintendo's crazy for not putting SNES games up. If Sony's allowing PS1 games on Vita, I don't see how Nintendo can't even manage to pull off SNES games on eshop.
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They just don't like making money.

Why would you take your most wanted games and sell them on the WiiU/Wii when 90% of your customer base uses your HANDHELD console.

I wish they would get out of the TV Console business period.

And let's be honest. The millions of SNES games I wanna play, I'd rather play on a handheld that I can take with me. If i'm at home I"m on my 360 or PS3 playing current gen.

I cannot count the times I've had this convo with strangers/friends and they all ask WTF is Nintendo thinking. There shooting themselves in the foot.
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