In a fight between Draven, Mewtwo, and Sephiroth, who would win?

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My vote goes to Mewtwo, and if you support anyone else, you are a cancerous ledditor.
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I was gonna say Mewtwo but I'm gonna vote for Draven (I have no idea who he is, for the record). Guess that means I'm cancerous.
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Mega Man.
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Mewtwo. He's got telekinesis, can fly, psychic blasts, and is also in the god tier pokemon which has actual 'god' pokemon. Taking all that in to account, Mewtwo's power should be pretty epic. Sephiroth is still at the end of the day a human. Plus he's never really done anything in canon material to give him much bragging rights.
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MCcake posted...

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Mewtwo seems to have much more power
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