Nintendo 3DS XL $149 Walmart (Canada)

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User Info: jat_87

3 years ago#11
Just brought one form walmart, a XL for 150 is very hard to pass just need to buy some games lol. ^^
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User Info: xx_ANBU_xx

3 years ago#12
Has anyone seen this deal in the US?

User Info: blundermine

3 years ago#13
Number43 posted...
Is that in Canadian Dollars? How much is that in real money?

So if Nintendo changed the name of the Wii - U, would they be pulling a U-Wii?

User Info: Alteisen

3 years ago#14
Just ordered a Blue/Black one, thank you TC!
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User Info: Tempestuous_Sea

3 years ago#15
After saying I'd upgrade dozens of times, I finally did it. Thanks for the heads up, TC.
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User Info: SSJ Link

SSJ Link
3 years ago#16
got me a full black!
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