How would you feel if on the release date of Pokemon X/Y...

#31ganstamaoriPosted 9/13/2013 4:41:52 PM
RRLG are better than RB. I grew up on the older games, and they were very fun - but they do not hold up. The inability to run is especially irritating.

Yellow is always fun though, due to the novelty of having Pikachu and the three starters. Although I traded my Pikachu to my brother so he could give it a thunderstone haha.
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RPGNinja123 posted...
Can't wait for Pokemon to be released and then for all the BS to die down so we can focus on other good games like Flying Fairy.

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GoldenSun3DS posted...
I wouldn't care, because why would I want to play those old, outdated games after I just got a brand-new copy of Pokemon Y?


I played the hell out of Red/Blue/Yellow back in the day but why would I ever go back to those when everything about the games released since are better?

Nostalgia? That's the main reason I still play pokemon at all and am excited for X/Y.
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