Nintendo 3DS sees 30% increase in sales year over year 6.47 million 3ds units

#1121_21Posted 9/17/2013 11:32:29 AM
I'm not impressed. Fourth straight month? What is its competitions?

WiiU? Anyone who thinks they're surprised that 3DS is outselling WiiU should take some medications.
Vita? look above
PS 3? It doesn't take much to beat PS 3.
360? lol MIcrosoft.
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The Wii U's biggest competition is the 3DS.
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Allaudeen posted...
Nintendo should go software only.
Develop iOS only

Why do they want to throw away billions of dollar from 3ds & wii u revenues? And yes, every Wii U sold brought profit, Nintendo isn't desparate like Sony who sold PS3 on the loss.
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snake_5036 posted...
Nintendo's doomed! They're going to crash! Time to sell themselves and all properties they own off! How can they even hope to compete with the almighty Sony and Microsoft?!

The almighty Sony and Microsoft? Smartphones with their obviously superior games and controls are the greatest threat known to all mankind!. All hail da touch!.

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