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Now that more people are getting their elite download codesGogo72614/2 2:00AM
Smash Bros Ballot?
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nikster12323314/2 1:52AM
Random Character Battle-----Round 15-------------- (Poll)fiyeroatheart54/2 1:52AM
Everyone! stop trying to redeem on club nintendo so i can get in!!!
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Skulltula_Kid264/2 1:51AM
What's the name of the song playing on the EU eShop today? It sounds like a PMDdarkus_f34/2 1:33AM
Thinking about using my Platinum reward on Animal Crossing but...Bunny809384/2 1:27AM
NES Remix Ultimate or Yoshi New Island?Solcreme54/2 1:26AM
60 coins...60!zamudio00984/2 1:17AM
Do Elite members of Club Nintendo get to choose Platinum and Gold games both?Ghost of Brandon Lee34/2 1:14AM
3DS or Wii U ?Gohan922174/2 1:01AM
Club Nintendo Freakyforms original or deluxe?togepy44/2 12:57AM
GameFAQs, help me decide which CN VC game to get! (Poll)Whinpful54/2 12:51AM
Anyone wish that Nntendo will someday buy back the rights to Banjo and Kazooie?
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Skulltula_Kid114/2 12:49AM
Q & A | Smash Bros Ballot
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Michaeloll154/2 12:28AM
What is the name of the song in this AoT teaser trailer?Skulltula_Kid14/2 12:18AM
Can we talk about that awesome zombie Streetpass game?parabola_master104/2 12:18AM
Pokemon Rumble World: More details
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PhoenixRush164/2 12:16AM
damn XC3D is already on the eshopWhinpful34/2 12:13AM
I really hope we get new stages for the 3DS version of smash..,pikachupwnage44/2 12:03AM
That Streetpass fishing game really made me long for a new Fishing Resort..PhoenixRush24/2 12:03AM