Third Game Center CX game coming out on January 23, 2014 for the 3DS

#11T_TanggPosted 9/20/2013 11:17:06 AM
Man... isn't the 3DS region locked? So I guess there is no way to play this on a USA 3DS. Sucks because I have both games and it's one of my fav shows.
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#12TerotrousPosted 9/20/2013 11:24:25 AM
The tragic thing is that not only will we not get this, the 3DS is region locked, so we can't even play it.
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BoundtotheEarth posted...
Please come out. I played the first one but I never got the chance to try the second.

Is knowing Japanese all that necessary to enjoy the second game?

It is important to know Japanese to know the challenges and for the detective games in the second Game Center CX title.
However, if you can get the game, here are two links that will take care of the language barrier for you.

I've played through most of it with those two links to help me and it's a really fun game. Overall, I liked it more than the first Game Center CX.
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SSJMewzard posted...
Starwars4J posted...
Loved Arino's Challenge, would kill for 2 and now 3 to be localized. They won't though, because Bamco.

Namco Bandai is bringing over both Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle and Saint Seiya: Brave Soldiers, two anime-based games I was pretty sure would never see the light of day in America. Why not ask for this and the prior game?

because those are two series that are at most likely getting aired on TV sometime soon or at least dvd/bluray copies.

Arino is a celeb over there, for more than Gamecenter, hes an actual regular appearing celeb on tv. They could just release it cold turkey without giving any background but... that would be weird.
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#15TerotrousPosted 9/20/2013 1:07:51 PM
The first one did come here via XSeed, but they stated that it sold horrible and they're not going to touch the series ever again.
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Terotrous posted...
The first one did come here via XSeed, but they stated that it sold horrible and they're not going to touch the series ever again.

Yeah, but we could try and convince Namco-Bandai to do it themselves. Maybe we could pull it off with them. Advertising would have helped the first game out a lot. All it seemed to ever have was word of mouth.