A 3DS Go?

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User Info: Second_Hokage

3 years ago#1
No cartridge slot, game downloads only.

Its an XL, much lighter, much skinnier, and has a longer battery life. Has an upgradable SD card slot, and comes with a 16gb SD out of the box.

Yes or no?

User Info: atomicrebirth

3 years ago#2
Second_Hokage posted...
No cartridge slot, game downloads only.

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User Info: KGTrigger

3 years ago#3
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User Info: SlimeStack

3 years ago#4
Not until Nintendo does digital properly.

User Info: DontMindIfIDo

3 years ago#5
Because that worked out SO well when PSP did it...

User Info: gamezero6

3 years ago#6
I like the design idea but, everything else is a no.
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