How many RPGs have you 100%ed?

#51bit8gentPosted 9/21/2013 2:10:19 AM
Skies of Arcadia. Wow that was a huge hassle, and it took me a long time, but I enjoyed every moment of it, because it's one of my favorite rpgs.
#52TeraPatrick2008Posted 9/21/2013 2:31:07 AM
47 ...... since 1992
#53diebuster2Posted 9/21/2013 2:31:54 AM
therandomguy1 posted...
None, I'm usually happy with just beating the main story and don't care for playing it again for secret bosses and such.

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#54Megaman6924Posted 9/21/2013 2:50:02 AM
RPGs I have 100%
Paper Mario
Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door
MegaMan Battle Network 3
MegaMan Battle Network 6
MegaMan Star Force
MegaMan Star Force 2
MegaMan Star Force 3
Pokemon Yellow
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team
#55nintendoveteranPosted 9/21/2013 3:13:04 AM
Only the original Paper Mario.
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#56nonexistingheroPosted 9/21/2013 3:30:09 AM
Lots. Probably more than most JRPG fans have played.
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In SA2, it's Super Sonic and Hyper Shadow.
#57iamtruthPosted 9/21/2013 3:45:08 AM
Final fantasy xiii and xiii-2

Persona 3 fes and persona 4 golden

Xenosaga all 3 games

legend of mana and secret of mana

star ocean departure

thats about it.
#58gfrequencyPosted 9/21/2013 3:54:46 AM
Since 1979? Hell, I have no idea, I don't even remember. Pretty sure I did everything there was to do in Final Fantasy VI. I know I'm 100% completion on Final Fantasy Tactics and Mass Effect 1, 2 and 3, since I've played all of those about six times each. Probably a few others as well, but I don't recall which.
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#59iBlackice25Posted 9/21/2013 4:24:22 AM
I think i 100%ed Kingdom Hearts 2.
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#60Reginleif20Posted 9/21/2013 4:37:45 AM
If we're talking about something along the lines of 99 of every item possible then no
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