Which games did you buy your 3ds for?

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User Info: Every1hasAids

3 years ago#41
I'm buying one today for two games: Luigi's mansion dark moon (huge fan) and Splinter cell 3DS (another one I'm a huge fan of).
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User Info: laggardfelidae

3 years ago#42
To be honest, I didn't seriously consider getting a 3DS until they brought the Zelda bundle out, so you could say I got it for OoT 3D (because I never really got into the original and I've always been better with handheld games). I usually get consoles because of upcoming games, though - like if I know there's going to be a sequel to a series I like, I buy the console and see what else is worth picking up. I'm glad I got a 3DS relatively early so I didn't have to buy one for ACNL or Pokémon XY.

User Info: jat_87

3 years ago#43
Nintendo exclusives
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User Info: KidIcaroots

3 years ago#44
FE: A and SMT 4

User Info: rajin_donuts

3 years ago#45
VC games.

User Info: buymec00kies

3 years ago#46
Animal Crossing & Rune Factory 4. I wasn't that excited for Pokemon around the time I got mine though, which was this summer. It was all the Animal Crossing buzz that actually got me to take the plunge (I got the pink XL). Also, I knew Rune Factory was coming out soon and I loved 3 so I knew I was going to get that too.
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