Your reaction: Mighty No 9 hits all strech goals by end including 3DS goal

#21SazerfanPosted 10/1/2013 8:29:06 PM
EngineR2 posted...
My reaction? One man's concept... made him $4,000,000 in a month!!!!

Yeah, it's going towards game development. Still, $4,000,000 is more than a lot of people will see in their lifetime. This guy does it in one month.

Were people really that starved for Mega Man?

This game BETTER be amazing!

Technically speaking, that man's "concept" made him much much more than $4 mil, since the concept is still basically....megaman you know, and that franchise has netted capcom LOADs of money. I'm still wondering which buttbrain they were thinking out of when they decided to shelf it >_>
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I actually post in this topic.
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EngineR2 posted...
Were people really that starved for Mega Man?

In a word? YES.

Now if you fine posters will excuse me, I have neighbors to awaken from slumber thanks to my soon to occur shouting from my roof.
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#24zergslayer69Posted 10/1/2013 9:54:07 PM
If I were Capcom and wanted to steal the spotlight I would announce mega man legends 3 back in development.
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