Getting A New Nintendo 3DS Tomorrow ! :)

#11mrjack3112Posted 10/3/2013 7:24:56 PM
Sid_The_Kid_87 posted...
But dont know which one to get the Regular Or XL ?

I use to have the Original 3DS ( Aqua )

The XL would be something new + its got the bigger screen but at the same time I still would be happy with the regular 3DS :)

which 3DS do you guys/girls profer ?

thanks in advance

Profer? In my "prefession" of the 3ds consele and also the 3ds XL sonsele. I rocemmend tho end you would enjoi the most!
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MCcake posted...
3DS for awesome colors, slightly better graphics and better sound quality.

XL for everything else.

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WoefulyDolorous posted...
XL or go home Kid

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Real penguin fans buy the XL
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I have my original aqua blue 3DS (w/ Nintendo Ambassador program) and I am not switching out my 3DS for a new one.

But since you no longer have a 3DS and want one again, get the 3DS XL. Best 3DS model so far.
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Megaman Omega posted...
WoefulyDolorous posted...
XL or go home Kid

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