MH3U is on sale again, 50% off!

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Well,CPP replaces the virtual D-pad and free up some space on the bottom screen.You can add a lot more things to the panel such as "quick bullet change"...etc

But after playing Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate for a while, you'll figure that its faster to just hold L to change bullets/weapons after you get used to it. The bottom screen is a distraction and isn't recommended when facing larger monsters. You can't keep your eyes off of them one second because in some instances 1 hit from the larger monster and it can turn the whole game toward the monster's favor. This is also why the map is also best left on the top screen. The only thing you'll want to allow on the bottom screen is the virtual d-pad, quick inventory, combos list, and have lock-on right next to the face buttons.
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Yes, the pixels are bigger when the pixels are bigger.
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I'd buy it but I would also feel obligated to buy an xl circle pad pro.

The CPP is far from necessary to play it. The virtual d-pad on the touch screen works quite well.

CPP is still better.

Agreed on both parts. The touch screen D pad is actually alot better than you would think it would be (given that most companies do an ass job of implementing that type of thing), but the CPP is still better. Physical controls will always beat out virtual, even if the virtual controls in this case are actually done very well.
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Arkkana posted...
Repetitive game. I don't understand the appeal of it.

I imagine you didn't play a lot of arcade games as a kid.
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I have it already. I bought it for 39.99 at release....

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G1ingy posted...
I have it already. I bought it for 39.99 at release....

Capcom: "Up yours G1ingy!"

It's ok, I took advantage of the sale for the 3DS version. I have had tne Wii U version since launch and luckily got that on a BOGO 50% off that I was able to apply on the preorder.

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I won't spend 20 just to have pokemon and MH on my 3ds at the same time.

I won't

I won't I won't won't won't.


Doooooooo iiiiit.
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The value at $20 is downright insane. Granted Monster Hunter isn't for everyone, but at that price you have to at least consider it.

I didn't even consider it. I had a bit of interest in the game but not enough to buy it and then last months 50% off offer came and I snapped it up. Its a good game as well.
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Arkkana posted...
Repetitive game. I don't understand the appeal of it.

The majority of games are pretty repetitive.
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No regrets, get it now before it's too late.

And bookmark this amazing MH3U site for future reference:
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Between the Wii U version and the 3DS version, which do you guys recommend the most?

Are there any significant differences (aside from the 3DS version being portable)?