What's your favorite developers from each genre?

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User Info: ukokira1

3 years ago#21
Action: Platinum
Visual Novel: Capcom
Puzzle: Level-5
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User Info: zinformant

3 years ago#22
I'm ignoring subgenres (and only selecting one per larger category) lest this take forever.

2D Platformer: I donno, Inti Creates?
3D Platformer: Insomniac Games*
Action: Insomniac Games
Adventure: Cyan (now Cyan Worlds)
First Person Shooter: Irrational Games
Indie: Freebird Games
'Japanese' Roleplaying: Nihon Falcom
Racing: Studio Liverpool (rest in peace)
Sports: Midway (rest in peace)
Strategy: Firaxis Games
'Western' Roleplaying: BioWare

*this genre is dead mostly except for the current effort of Sanzaru Games, so I'd give it to them if they have to be current since IG is a shell of what they once were.
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User Info: danmiy12

3 years ago#23
Rpgs: Atlus (SMT, Etrian odyssey,Persona) runner up square (not square enix)
Music Rhythm games: Konami (ddr and beatmania) or pentavision (dj max series)
Platformers: Nintendo (Mario series)
first person shooter: Valve (Team fortress 2,counter strike, Half life,portal)
Adventure: Nintendo (Zelda, Metriod)
Fighter: Capcom (street fighter, Marvel vs capcom series, and many more)
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