Just got my got my Nintendo 2DS

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3 years ago#1
Got to say I like it, after using a 3DS and 3DS XL I think I prefer this one. So far what I like about it is the design, it's very comfortable to hold I love that there's just a home button in the middle and it's not cluttered. The best part about it is the SD Card slot, you no longer have to tug at it to pull it out (Yeah pun there I know).

Anyhow, here's a video below and I'll post some pictures in a minute.

3 years ago#2
Here are pictures of my system, and a special video coming in a few more minutes ;-)

3 years ago#3
Here's the special video lol

3 years ago#4
Nice man! Enjoy it!
3 years ago#5
Good video. I'm on the fence about whether to pick up the 2DS or one of the other models, and this was helpful.

This would be my first 3DS and I'm mostly buying for Pokemon X/Y, so I'm trying to look for the cheapest route.
Can you comment on any other differences between the 2DS and the other models? I've read that the 2DS has smaller screens than the original 3DS?
3 years ago#6
2DS and 3DS have the same size screens, volume is louder on the 2DS in my opinion than both the 3DS and 3DS XL. Screens on it actually look quite nice in my opinion.
3 years ago#7
Nice. Thanks for the answers!
3 years ago#8
xxtearg0dxx posted...
Here's the special video lol

Those must be some huge pockets because I can't fit a regular 3DS in my pocket comfortably. It does look much better in your pics/vids than I thought it would. I may just have to get one for my son once he learns to read(he's in 1st grade)
I like cheese!!!
3 years ago#9
Well I'm a heavy set fella, so my jeans are a bigger size. Maybe that's why my pockets are bigger. :)
3 years ago#10
xxtearg0dxx posted...
volume is louder on the 2DS than both the 3DS and 3DS XL.

stop spreading lies

"the quality of the speaker is also dubious - it's not especially loud (a trait it shares with the 3DS XL) but even when set to maximum volume there's noticeable distortion."


"The bad: The 2DS feels cheap and only has one speaker that sounds a little lacking."


only the first 2 reviews on google, and any other review i've read has said the same thing. i know you want to convince yourself that your 2ds is amazing and not only better than 3ds systems but less money too but lying isn't the way to go. just accept it as an inferior device designed to cut costs/save money.
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