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3 years ago#1
I bought a 2DS this past week, and I love it, but currently my only game is Pokemon X. I have a few games I am trying to pick between though.

Shin Megami Tensei IV (I don't like the battle style, because for some reason I want to see the characters doing the attacks, instead of just the enemies on the screen, but I loved Persona IV so much, and everyone at Atlus are phenomenal writers, so I will probably love it)

Animal Crossing (because I like wasting hours of my life doing mundane tasks)

Fire Emblem

Luigi's Mansion (loved the first one)

Paper Mario (I don't know anything about it, other than that it is an RPG again)

So can you guys tell me how you feel about those games? If you have any other recommendations that would be great as well.

Also, I had a 3DS up until the november after launch, so i've already played and beaten Ocarina of Time (i've beaten that game somewhere around 50 times on multiple consoles since release), Super Mario 3D Land, and Star Fox 3D
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3 years ago#2
Of those I'd probably get Animal Crossing the first... I'd get Fire Emblem before SMTIV, and Kid Icarus: Uprising before Luigi's Mansion.
3 years ago#3
fire emblem is best on that list

dream team and luigis mansion tier 2

paper mario and smt4 tier 3

animal crossing worst
3 years ago#4
Animal Crossing definitely isn't for everyone, but I love the series.
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