I hope this game gets localized here, it's a big hit in Japan...

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2 years ago#1
This folks, this right here, is where we go “…Japan.” Kobito Zukan is essentially a series which takes everyday objects and foodstuffs—like peaches, ginseng, and beans—and turns it into an ugly person/thing.

Surprisingly popular in the “ugly, but cute” genre form that hit Japan several years ago, the series is still going strong with sales of toys, mushroom toy kits and other various odd paraphernalia. Somehow, the series managed to make itself into a game called Kobito Zukan: Kobito Kansatsu Set which sold over 226,000 copies in Japan. So of course we’re getting a sequel now, with Kobito Zukan: The Wondrous Experiment.

The Wondrous Experiment lets players explore the wilds and wilderness, and their own home, in search of more of the odd dwarf children and capture them. Really. Do we, like, feed them with human foods or fertilizer or something? I’m not sure myself. You can watch the trailer for the new game above and judge for yourself.

If I remember right, people who are interested in this stuff can find an official licensed shop in Odaiba as well. A mate of mine picked up their mushroom kit, which lets you grow real mushrooms in your home, and then re-use the pot to grow more mushrooms. Though why you’d want to buy this over a Fennekin is your decision and yours alone.

Kobito Zukan: The Wondrous Experiment will be out in Japan on the Nintendo 3DS on 12th December

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2 years ago#2
Oh god this looks absolutely gorgeous. WTF????????
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2 years ago#3
Kobito Zukan, is that what they are called? I see those freaking ugly things everywhere I go.
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2 years ago#4

What..... Is.... That.....
2 years ago#5
226,000 Ain't a big hit, though I'm sure it's quite good enough for the developers to be happy.
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