2DS StreetPass Internet Glitch?

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2 years ago#1
I activated the wireless on my 2DS so I could play RE: The Mercenaries online, I noticed the Internet icon changing to the green StreetPass icon and then back to the internet icon again, I thought I was receiving streetpass data but I have streetpass turned off, then I booted up the game and could not get online and seeing an error message, I tried a different online game and it still got an error message. I turned the wireless back on and the internet icon only is displayed and now I get get online again. Anyone know what happened?
2 years ago#2
it just a status thing... it flashes back an forth to show that internet and streetpass is available.
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2 years ago#3
It just kept flashing from Internet to Streetpass never noticed that before. I thought it was weird because at the same time I could not play RE:The Mercenaries or Street Fighter 4 online due to an communcations error.
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  3. 2DS StreetPass Internet Glitch?

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