Sony does what Ninten won't.

#1Clint_EastStonePosted 11/7/2013 11:38:31 AM
Face it. Nintendo has been stuck in a rut for a while now, unable to move away from the kiddie crowd and move back in with us, the core gamer.

They have never been able to go in depth with the possibility's of the Internet and evolve the community & the way we enjoy gaming. instead, they consider it some kinda voodoo-witchcraft and want to censor it. Not allowing people from across the world - or even across the street, to know that there is human existence beyond mother's basement.

Swapnote is only one of Nintendo's varies acts to try and censor the internet. Remember the the fighting game tournaments and how they wanted Smash to NOT be streamed? Remember them trying to censor - or at the very least monetize Youtube channels? And let's not forget the best - friend codes. This is most likely only just the beginning for Nintendo's evil plan to censor gaming as a whole.

Though we had magical time together, it's too late for Nintendo to change there ways... But there is hope for console/portable gaming. Sony has evolved with the times, increasing the level of how quality gaming should be played. And allowing the core gamer to socialize with one another.

Don't be a fool, get with whats cool. And join the Sony forces. :_:7
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Nn... 4/10, I guess
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I joined both.
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Sony does what Nintendon't, which is release a handheld system that nobody actually wants to buy. So, umm, GG Sony?
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I like Kirby! I also like Animal Crossing. Since Doko Demo Issyo was never localized, I guess I have to stick with Nintendo.
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So how much is Sony paying you?
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Buretsu posted...
Sony does what Nintendon't, which is release a handheld system that nobody actually wants to buy. So, umm, GG Sony?

Oh boy.
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Not everyone will die without the internet, as it seems TC is implying. TC, do you sleep with your smartphone under your pillow, just in case you need to wake up and google or tweet or post a facebook update?
I have an XBox360 and see no need to have a Gold Live membership. I think I have a total of three people on my PSN Friend's List. I don't use youtube, and don't have a youtube account / channel / whatever it's called. I don't need to be on facebook 24/7 or ever, even.
Nintendo suits my needs just fine (though somehow I have a near full friends list for my 3DS... I guess I have more fun multipayer on my 3DS).
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