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3 years ago#1
Etrian Odyssey IV or Untold
Devil Survivor Overclocked or Soul hackers?

I'm trying to figure out which of the 2 games to get. I've tried googling the 4 games and seeing the differences, but I want to hear some of your guys opinions. What are the main differences between the 2 groups? Is it worth it to grab all 4? Money is not a problem, so if all 4 are worth it, I'll grab all 4.
But I just the balls
3 years ago#2
But I just the balls
3 years ago#3
-Etrian Odyssey 4 is a new entry into the EO series as a whole so it seems the most polished but Untold is a remake of the 1st Etrian Odyssey with some new enhancements including finally including a story mode (all others you make all your characters and there is barely any story)

since EO U a remake of the 1st game its hard (all EO games are hard but EO4 for some reason they laxed the difficulty its still harder then most RPGs but its easier then the rest so its better for players getting their first EO game) any other game its really hard and stays that way until the end...

it has high appeal for people who want a hardcore RPG rather then all these RPGs coming out nowadays that are designed to be easier (like the Tales stuff)If you want a hard RPG that tests your overall skill as a player as a whole any of the EO games will be good for you

Devil Survivor is a SPRG you start out in a grid and move characters (and it uses FF Tactics where it uses a speed stat to determine who goes next) the unique part is that your allies might abandon you later depending on your actions or outright die and be unavailable for the rest of the your decisions really matter in the long run...

with multiple ending some where you become the villain in the end or you save the day or become a coward whatever...its all up to you and your allies at the end who will be in your final party all comes down to what you become in the end so dont get attached to them you might eventually have to kill them off because you became too evil or good....usually the best ending requires you to be neutral (not good or evil)

Soul hackers is more traditional RPG a remake of a sega saturn game that was never released in America so the graphics are only gonna be Sega Saturn level (not that its bad) and if you played Shin Megami Tensei 4 you see some simalarites seeing as this is also a SMT game just an older version...

its so old that the main character cant learn magic and his death = instant game over...and like the games of old you use swords and guns and try to convince enemies to join up only to continue fusing upwards to make your team stronger...if you loved Shin Megami Tensei 4 get this over Devil survivor but know its an old game similar gameplay though..
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3 years ago#4
Damn. That was detailed as all hell. Honestly, they all seem fun, so I think I'm gonna grab all 4 of them. Thanks!
But I just the balls
3 years ago#5
They are all great games but are harder then other games of the same genre its sort of a Atlus trademark they just love making hard games that doesnt hold your hand at all

but for some reason this is a breath of fresh air (to many games nowadays are just too easy) playing any Atlus game will give you a game that is hard but not so hard its unwinnable its the sort of hard that reminds of the games of old (and what I mean old pre NES days so stuff like bards tale ,wizardry, etc the RPGs of the 70's...

I hope you enjoy those games those 4 games are a lot of fun...if you get stuck there is a lot of guides online to lend you aid even on gamefaqs for the games...especially for any Etrian Odyssey series which are considered to be very hard...
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3 years ago#6
Yes EOU is a remake of the 1st game, but they have changed and added enough to the point that it's more like a completely different game. 29 of the 30 dungeon floors were redesigned, all classes have been rebalanced and gained new skills. They do have similarities of course, since it is a remake, namely the plot, setting and npcs
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3 years ago#7
Getting all of them is the best option. That said, I'd say Soul Hackers is the most niche of all of them, and really shows its age. That said, it's still a good game.
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