Is Pokemon X/Y worth it

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Too easy? They're all easy.

This one is easier. Way, way, way easier.

news flash exp all existed in gen 1.
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Karnage4208238 posted...
no i have played every gen since red and blue and its just the same thing every new gen with all most nothing added if you have played one then you have played them all and X&Y are by far the worst gen dont waste you money like i did

and if anyone trys to tell you differently it is because they have there fanboy glasses on and will do anything and everything to defend it to no end when it is FACT they are just the same game relased over and over just like sport games

Abilities were a pretty big change, and I'd also say that the new breeding mechanics make the biggest difference since it pretty much reinvents multiplayer.

In my opinion not enough postgame. Wait for the third game.

Breeding, Training, Trading and Multiplayer is the postgame, in addition to the unlocked content.
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