Anyone getting the Zelda XL model but still gonna get a physical copy of Zelda?

#1XNo_FearXPosted 11/22/2013 10:48:20 AM
Im thinking if I should get a physical since I hate digital but I dont know what to do with the extra code since I dont use ebay. Mmm decisions decisions
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#2The Blob2000Posted 11/22/2013 10:51:45 AM
Yeah, this is my plan.
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#3Prince ShondronaiPosted 11/22/2013 11:10:07 AM
That's what I did today. Still not sure if I want to open my Zelda XL or keep it as a collector's item, though.
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#4danielfromhoodPosted 11/22/2013 11:10:41 AM
Give it to someone you know, or even give it to someone here.
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#5KurenoPosted 11/22/2013 11:12:52 AM
Prince Shondronai posted...
That's what I did today. Still not sure if I want to open my Zelda XL or keep it as a collector's item, though.

I know that feel, bro. That said, if I do get a copy of ALBW for myself outside this bundle it will be digital.
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#6Awesomely Awesome AJPosted 11/22/2013 11:52:41 AM
That's what I did. I'm such a huge Zelda whore that I had to get the physical copy. Plus...the physical copy is shiny
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#7ShukenzeroPosted 11/23/2013 7:47:31 AM
Yup caved and got the physical version but not digging the black and gold boxart. Just picked up the unit and it's bling to the nines.
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#8Starwars4JPosted 11/23/2013 7:51:33 AM
Yup, loving the physical game, sold the digital one on ebay for $35
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#9SquareSidePosted 11/23/2013 8:00:51 AM
Will eventually find the physical version at my local god pawn shop. So many great games can be found there for some reason used.
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#10xLexLuth0rxPosted 11/23/2013 8:08:35 AM
I already have 2 copies of the digital version. I bought it online as soon as it launched and then I decided it was time to upgrade to the XL and picked up the bundle. Now one of my nephews will get the game as a Christmas gift. :)

But I'm still considering picking up a physical cart later.
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