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3 years ago#21
It would do well for us to start comparing specs rather than single game examples if we want to get anything done.
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3 years ago#22
Link3 posted...
Well, FMV is more about storage space than system power. Most SNES games were like 2-4MB, I think the largest being only 6. Chain of Memories was 16MB, I believe.

Sonic 3D Blast on Genesis had FMV (However poor quality), I'm pretty sure SNES could have done the same (Though I don't think they actually did).

That said, yeah, SNES/GBA were probably the closest, apart from maybe NES/GBC.


KHCOM was 32MB. Absolutely huge for a GBA game, probably because of that FMV.

Anyway, I think the issues are mostly the devs for 3DS games. It has its strengths over the Wii like its shaders but it clearly has obvious draw backs as well. Either way I refuse to believe a competent team couldn't have made DKCR3D in 60 FPS.
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3 years ago#23
PowderedNuts posted...
Tzuba12 posted...
Because you don't have a response.

lol k

Lol seriously. You have nothing. Seriously, look up ironfall, then try to find any wii or GameCube game that looks as good, while running at 60fps, in 3D mode.
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3 years ago#24
I thought it might have been 32MB, but the only ones I was positive on that are the last few Yu-Gi-Oh game, Riviera, and Yggdra Union.

3 years ago#25
CPU: 64 bit, 486 Megahertz
RAM: 40 megabytes
Video RAM: 2 megabytes
GPU: 162 Megahertz
Resolution: 640x480 pixels
Storage Media: 1.5 gigabytes

Here are the Nintendo 3DS specs

CPU: Dual-Core ARM11 MPCore (how many megahertz?)
RAM: 128 megabytes (much higher than GameCube)
Video RAM: 4 megabytes (higher than GameCube)
GPU: Digial Media Professionals PICA200 GPU (how many megahertz?)
Resolution: 400x200 (much lower than GameCube, but it has a small screen so it's excusable)
Storage Media: 2.0 gigabytes (slightly higher than GameCube)

"The CPU and GPU in the 3DS are apparently clocked at 268mhz. Reported on 3dbrew from people who have done extensive analysis on the 3DS hardware (some apparently involving some rudimentary hacking).

The clock speed isn't really relevant here however in determining which system is more powerful. Some CPU's and GPU's are more powerful than others even when clocked at lower frequencies. Like how a Core i series CPU will beat an old Pentium D by a huge margin, even if they both have the same number of cores and the Pentium is clocked at a much higher frequency. That's the case with the 3DS too. Here's a snippet I saved once from a person who used to frequent these forums and knew a lot about the technical aspects of hardware-

And actually the largest 3DS games have been 4GB in size. Resident Evil Revelations and Metal Gear Solid 3D for example both used a 4GB cartridge. They also have the potential to reach 8GB in size if the developer wants. And even that may not actually be the maximum limitation (it was simply what the manufacturer of 3DS cartridges said was possible several years ago).

From: adampeltz | #006
I think the GCN pushes way more geometry/polygons but the 3DS does everything else better.

GC doesn't even win in that regard. The 3DS' GPU is capable of pushing more polygons. The GC's GPU pushes 8-12 million polygons per second realistically. The stock Pica200 could do more than 15 million at only 200mhz. That's already more than the GC, but the model inside the 3DS is clocked higher at 268mhz. Plus the resolution is much lower on the 3DS than the Pica200 was originally designed for. When you factor both of those elements into the equation, it's capable of far more than the stock model, we're talking over 20 million."

Some info I found, TC.
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3 years ago#26
Yeah, looks like the 3DS is better than the Gamecube, no contest. I wonder how exactly it stacks up against the Wii.
Had a Street Fighter signature for four years, but Crapcom doesn't deserve such recognition anymore.
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