Can a 3DS XL streetpass with a 2DS?

#1cyborg99sreturnPosted 1/5/2014 6:32:09 PM
My brother and I are trying to get our DSes to interact, but nothing's working.
Both have wifi enabled and are fully updated.
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#2Baha05Posted 1/5/2014 6:32:50 PM
Yeah, they are the same system.
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#3The Blob2000Posted 1/5/2014 6:51:04 PM(edited)
Just make sure you have the wireless turned on for both (2DS has to have it turned on by clicking the wrench icon on the touchscreen near the brightness setting, I believe) and put them in sleep mode.
Also, you both have Miis and streetpass plaza initialized and set to enable streetpass?
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#4nikowwfPosted 1/8/2014 7:26:39 PM
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#5Kojima_FanPosted 1/12/2014 2:57:02 PM
I know this is gonna sound stupid, but have you tried walking past his 2DS with your 3DS in pocket? Me and a friend found out being next to each other doesn't always give you a Streetpass, sometimes you have to physically walk past the other system.
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#6crazyray47Posted 1/12/2014 3:09:01 PM
You have to set up streetpass on the other 2ds, and then you need to put it in sleep mode by pressing the little button sideways.
#7Super_ArcherPosted 1/12/2014 3:41:59 PM
I have a 2ds and I've streetpassed hundreds of people.

I doubt there are that many 2ds here where I live.