For Gaming Only: Is the 3DS more powerful than the average Smartphone?

#31dascylusPosted 1/7/2014 12:19:07 AM
Smartphones can render graphics in HD, the 3DS cannot.... for example, the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 use the exact same graphics processor as the Playstation Vita.
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None of this actually matters, because as long as Nintendo has their IPs there will always be a reason to have their hardware regardless of the specs in the device.
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The hardware in my phone (Nexus 5) roflstomps all over the hardware in my 3DS. But I'd take my 3DS for gaming over my phone any day. I like physical buttons for my games, and I like playing in 3D.
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My phone is far more powerful, and it's from 2010. My brother's phone is a cheaper phone from 2009 and it's about on par.

When people say smartphones will take over, I facepalm.

- The os is terrible. You think you know bad os, you haven't seen android 3.2. Crashes, RAM depletion, glitches..

- The best games on smartphones are about as good as the worse mediocre games on a console/handheld. Most games (like, the 8 games to be taken seriously) are the worst ports you could imagine. The good games that it does have involve pressing a single button and overuse of quicktime events.

- The hardware varies a lot, you'll probably never find a game that uses all of your phones resources without running sub 30 fps

-NO BUTTONZ You can connect a Moga Bluetooth controller, but the presses are delayed the signals get stuck pressing a button and almost no games support it, the ones that do are terribly optimized and I find it easier just using the touch screen. It also takes ~2 minutes to even connect the damn thing.

Android is good for nothing but emulation imo, it does do emulation very very well. And no, Moga controller doesn't come close to solving the problem that most games are built with no buttons in mind.
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Lol @ people voting yes. I wonder if the 3DS could even handle a PS1 emulator.

Well 3DS is more or less on par with Wii which can run N64 games which is more or less on par with PS1...soooo...

The architecture matters a lot, psp could emulate ps1 fairly easy because they were so similar.

They actually say that 3ds could probably do ps1 emulation, but will probably never touch n64 emulation for some reason I'm not going to explain because I don't really know. So scratch n64 eshop titles off your wishlist.
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3DS is more powerful because it's like two smartphones stacked together.

Just... No.

Someone remind me what the resolution for the screens are?

Learn sarcasm.
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