New Nintendo Console in the works, codename: Nintendo Fusion

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Asinine, the most overused phrase on gamefaqs for people wanting to sound smart
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"Some of the names used for the Fusion terminal also seem to indicate that this is an elaborate hoax."

Sorry. :(
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I guess a new console in the works makes sense because it'll take a while to make.
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#4ALinkAlonePosted 1/22/2014 7:03:25 AM
Ok, I just looked at the specs.

Sorry, this is definitely a hoax.

For example- one dead giveaway is the claimed use of the PowerPC 750.

For anyone not aware, the PowerPC 750 is a single-core 32 bit processor, also known as the G3.

Made in 1997.

It hasn't been relevant for a long time now.