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That Streetpass fishing game really made me long for a new Fishing Resort..PhoenixRush24/2 12:03AM
Is there any big game coming out for 3DS at all besides Fire Emblem If?
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FinalFantasyer314/2 12:01AM
So about that new Animal Crossing 3DS game announced today...
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Spade21X134/1 11:50PM
says reward already redeemedTrilancerX24/1 11:47PM
I'm ashamed that they announced SMT X FE, but didn't mention anything about....
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SpoonyBard123164/1 11:46PM
That direct blew my mind.
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pikachupwnage114/1 11:45PM
CN Elite Gift question ^_^PinkieMinka97574/1 11:45PM
Random Character Battle-----Round 15-------------- (Poll)fiyeroatheart44/1 11:42PM
Vote Geno for Smash Bros DLCCesious34/1 11:38PM
Fire Emblem if Japanese site is up
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Sonytendo154/1 11:38PM
NES Remix Ultimate or Yoshi New Island?Solcreme24/1 11:37PM
Activity log topic March 2015!pikachupwnage14/1 11:34PM
well guess the ballot is meant for nintendo guys only maybemikebond2214/1 11:33PM
Who here wishes the coin awards were the plat awards instead?GigaDogqHD84/1 11:31PM
Come, Smash fans. Make heard your cry for the next biggest Mario villain!greatdimentio94/1 11:25PM
guys when it says null giftmikebond2224/1 11:22PM
2DS owner here, any good game suggestions?NajibTheChamp44/1 11:21PM
Bravely Second Opening
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19darkdenizen92144/1 11:21PM
I've decided to enter the 3DS scene again for Attack On TitansKingTGP104/1 11:19PM
Attack on Titan 3DS Localization Confirmedgamertaken34/1 11:14PM