All the 3DS Zelda Bundles in my area are sold out

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Nope in Canada.
Will go buy blue tomorrow.
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The blue color is great, very saturated, you'll like it.
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I don't know how you feel about skins but you could also try DecalGirl if the colors they offer don't appeal to you (despite the name they have hundreds of skins for both sexes). I believe they are $15 but the one I put on my old DS shows no signs of peeling or damage. Got one for my black 3DS since I didn't like the colors and was paranoid about scratching it. Just thought I would throw that out there as an option if you wanted it to be unique.
#15SpiderNeo3Posted 2/1/2014 2:43:43 AM
If you go to gamestop and ask them to order you one they can. I saw them on the web in store. Its a refurbished one, which means they took out the code for the game and are now selling them as preowned.
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#16Syd_CBPosted 2/1/2014 7:52:20 AM
Syd_CB posted...
Or you could order one online...

Besides the Zelda XL (which I own), the silver Mario & Luigi one is pretty neat.

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