Sega says this is the "Year of Sonic"

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3 years ago#21

Zero gravity...what's it like..?
3 years ago#22
Hopefully we get Shadow the Hedgehog 2!
3 years ago#23
Dragonflame323 posted...


Weird way to redesign them. They're pretty much identical to the usual designs with some different details and Knuckles being a lot more buff.
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3 years ago#24
Apparently Sonic has blue arms now. I do like his scarf thing though. And Knuckles..perhaps I'll refuse to comment. >.>
Zero gravity...what's it like..?
3 years ago#25
the hell is with knuckles?
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3 years ago#26
Knuckles' arms are almost as thick as his torso. Apparently the bulking process also extended his spine/legs a bit and he grew a foot or two.

Also, nice little neckerchief scarf thing on Sonic.

3 years ago#27
656stooge posted...
Just give us another Sonic Generations but with more levels.

This. Really, the only thing I disliked about Generations was that I wanted more of it. It should be obvious. Haven't played Lost World, so I won't comment on that, but I would like another game like Generations too.
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3 years ago#28
The year of some pretty delicious drive through burgers?
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3 years ago#29

New 3DS/Wii U game based on the show apparently.
Zero gravity...what's it like..?
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