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User Info: godslayer61

3 years ago#41
Jeebajeeb posted...
What would be your first game choosing from the extensive library?

extensive library lol that is funny the game selection for 3ds games only is small , go into any store and it is around 3- 5 little shelves that are no more than 2- 3 feet long and more than half of the games are shovel ware and another 30% are for little kids . There game selection is far from extensive , if you are under 13 then it looks great but for a older gamer it is one of the worse line ups of games there saving grace for older gamers are the RPG's . Also Mario and other first party games are mostly copy and paste there is no true originality in most of there first party games ( Nintendo is stuck thinking that they are in the 80's still) look at the Wii u it is dead and that is fact , you could of bought it at target for $100 that was tax included last week plus there game selection in stores is empty . Great idea kill the wii u because it is only first party games anyway ubi soft is the only company still bringing games to the wii u so kill it and give the 3ds 100% backing because that is your only true source of income and it makes a profit were your other divisions are all losing a lot of money.
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User Info: WitchBaby4200

3 years ago#42
She was walking on a stage after the play was over. Who now could say it had ever happened.
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User Info: TalesOfGod

3 years ago#43
Still OOT.

It's easily the best game in the library.

User Info: Warmonger222

3 years ago#44
Probably the same as when I got it back in summer 2012: Ocarina of Time 3D
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User Info: Klon_Redfield

3 years ago#45
Virtue's Last Reward, no contest.
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