To those of you who go 100% digital download.

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2 years ago#21
longlivemegaman posted...
I only want PHYSICAL retail games. (With the exception for digital exclusives and VC)

The way our current set-up for this works isn't exactly... optimal.

Me too. Only buy digital games from DSiWare, 3DS eshop, WiiWare, Wii U Ware & any VC games.
2 years ago#22
I started all digital from 2013, and I basically using Bravely Default(JP, 2012) to cover the port. It's kinda LOL to see two Bravely Default, and I can switch back to the older BDFF for all the brokenness :D
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2 years ago#23
It's really not possible for anyone to go 100% digital. You won't find anyone who does.

There are a bunch of games at retail that people like that aren't available to download.

In addition, financial concerns make physical more tempting to even the most ardent digital fan.

I already had to upgrade to a 64GB card because my 32GB card was maxed out. I go digital as often as I can, even to the point where I re-buy a game or two when they are released on the eShop.

Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D wouldn't make sense to me to have it digital, because it's about 3GB, as is Bravely Default. I own both physically because they are so large, plus I got both on sale with no tax and free shipping from newegg.

I think anyone that was a die-hard purist of digital platforms would have an old DS game lying around to put in the cartridge slot.
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2 years ago#24
yes, I have kid icarus in it

wish nintendo would make a cover for the 3ds so I can sell kid icarus and buy the digital version
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