majoras mask 3D. where is it.

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RogueStatus28 posted...
Not all Zelda fans, just the ones constantly clamoring for an Majora's Mask remake. After they get that they'll probably want an Link's Awakening remake.

What with A Link Between Worlds. aLttP remake could just be DLC for that.
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TakayaNoriko posted...
RogueStatus28 posted...
the babies (Zelda fan)

I'm not sure this needed an explanation?

Give it to us anyway.

stop or i will judge you.
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It hasn't been announced yet, but it has been hinted at. It will probably be holiday 2014 or holiday 2015.
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Storrac posted...
it will be announced by E3. I guarantee it.

What do we get if it's not?

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It's coming. Just don't hold your breath, it might not come out in 2014.
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E3 2014

Count on it
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I am sooooo sick of people whining for this game, like they're owed it.
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McMarbles posted...
I am sooooo sick of people whining for this game, like they're owed it.

This. We'll get the remake when they're good and ready to release it.
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It's at the edge of the universe. Somebody has to go fetch it for us!

I'm not doing it. Too lazy.
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