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2 years ago#11
Of those three, I'd pick Rune Factory 4, although all three are good choices. RF4 is a very long game; I'm only in the beginning of the second arc of three and I already have 70+ hours logged and, from what I read, most clock in around 100-200+ hours into the game.

If you like Animal Crossing, you may also like Disney Magical World, which comes out in April and is basically Animal Crossing meets Disney (with a little bit of RF4's action RPG elements thrown in).

I also second most of NathanisDrake's choices, except Senran Kagura Burst (which just doesn't appeal to me).
2 years ago#12
well I loved Zelda OoT and sense you've never played that I'd suggest you get that one too. I'd also suggest you get Zelda A link between worlds
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2 years ago#13
I recommend Rune Factory 4 over Harvest Moon, and this Rune Factory can last over 100 hours.

I'd add Fire Emblem Awakening to your list.

But I want to learn towards Ocarina of Time 3D just because you've never played the original, you should have a good time with it. But I suppose out of all the games on the table OOT3D will generally have the least amount of play time.
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2 years ago#14
Link Between Worlds because it's like the most fun game ever.

Also Ocarina of Time because it's really good and you haven't played the original.
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